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Mock Authentication - MGatner - 11-16-2021

Hi everyone! I have a quick one for you tonight: 

Mock Authentication for CodeIgniter 4

Since the inception of codeigniter4/authentication-implementation it has been much easier to create authentication-agnostic modules. The drawback to this is that you still need a way to test the code with some authentication. In the past I would plug in an entire library just to meet the requirement - no more! Imposter solves this by providing a bare minimum, easy-to-use authentication service and helper to facilitate testing. Right now it does the basics: login, logout, check for auth status. I hope to add in some more testing assertions down the road.

Check out the repo and let me know what you think!

RE: Mock Authentication - seunex - 11-16-2021

Am very glad this guy is part of CI team. He is giving everything for Codeigniter. Thumbs up bro.

RE: Mock Authentication - InsiteFX - 11-17-2021

Thank you @MGatner , An access to the community.