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Sunset? - plumo - 01-19-2022

Is there a set date to stop the maintenance of CI3? And will CI3 support PHP8?
From what I understand updating to CI4 is a big task, so it would be great to know this with a multi-year margin. Sorry if this info is available, I have not been able to find it myself.
All the best!

RE: Sunset? - php_rocs - 01-19-2022

@plumo ,

For now I don't think there is an official EOL timeframe.

RE: Sunset? - kenjis - 01-19-2022


RE: Sunset? - kenjis - 06-22-2023

The latest release (v3.1.13) was on Mar 3, 2022.
And currently there is only one maintainer.


RE: Sunset? - richb201 - 06-28-2023

I got the same problem. My working app is in CI3. Switching to CI4 is not a walk in the park.

RE: Sunset? - kenjis - 06-28-2023

Quote:First, the foundation hasn't decided anything about CI3 - it never needed to, never had to, and to my knowledge was never intended to deal with CI3 at all. I've been at the helm since forever and this is all on me.

It seems the foundation has no intent to maintain CI3.
CI3 had been maintained only by Narf, and now by gxgpet.