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Xajax loading message - El Forum - 05-06-2008

Ok i have found a few guide and many post but i must be missing something big cuase i cant get any loading message working.
Does any one know a good link to a guide to get this working?
Thank you

Forget this, found it.

Xajax loading message - El Forum - 04-10-2009

You can create one function in JS to make the loading.


function Loading(){
   $('#div_loading').html("<img src='loading.gif' />Loading...");

in PHP

you can hide that div.

with this.

$objResponse = new xajaxResponse();
return $objResponse;

I hope this help you.


Xajax loading message - El Forum - 09-21-2009

[quote author="Codo" date="1210103681"]
Forget this, found it.[/quote]

How did you do this? Thanks