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Payment system - ignitedcms - 03-13-2022

Hey guys,

Good to see such progress happening with Codeigniter 4.0. Just wondering how plausible it would be to add and maintain a payment gateway system for e-commerce with the two big guns such as paypal and stripe.

I was thinking something similar to Laravel's Spark.

Again just thinking out aloud here, so might be completely impractical.

RE: Payment system - MGatner - 03-19-2022

I don’t think payment handling will ever be a part of the framework core, but you should be able to use any PHP library with CI4. I have a library for integrating Stripe’s SDK:

I’ve also done PayPal but unfortunately that code is not open source, but I can tell you it isn’t difficult.

RE: Payment system - ignitedcms - 03-19-2022

Again fair point, I suppose it is another thing to maintain and deciding how lean to make the framework. Thanks for those links. Super useful.

RE: Payment system - Inc33 - 04-18-2022

You could check out
I personally had a few issues with it, so I just went into a custom direction, but I still believe it's a neat idea, and might be suitable for you.