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IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-16-2022

Hey guys,

I'm proud to announce that the newest improved version of IgnitedCMS is almost out of beta, I'm just working on finalising the documentation, refactoring the code and addressing any security issues. Currently there isn't an updated build version to test, but as soon as it is ready I'll let you know.

Website is below:-

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - InsiteFX - 03-17-2022

@ignitedcms , Thank you for the update.

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-18-2022

Evening all, planning to allocate 1 more day on the documentation, then updating ad hoc, as my primary focus is going to be on the system.

Various documentation changes to date include:-
  • About IgnitedCMS
  • Installation
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Install Issues
  • System overview
  • Directory Structure
  • Overview
  • Fields
  • Section types
  • Entries
  • Useful functions
  • Templating
  • Singles
  • Multiples
  • Globals
  • Adding external CSS JS files
  • Fields in depth
  • Text fields
  • Number fields
  • Multiline fields
  • Drop downs
  • Checkboxes
  • Switches
  • Rich text boxes
  • File uploads
  • Matrix fields

Need to add a roadmap, and make the documentation responsive or rather ACTUALLY user friendly. Debating on get a search facility like 'Algolia' baked in or dumping everything to static html and using a basic javascript search function. Thanks for watching.

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-19-2022

Morning all, decide to put landing pages updates on the backburner until I finalised the actual system.

Lots to do, PSR-2 coding standards, or at the very least following the CI3 guidelines, file write permissions on the install, better form validation on the builder with vue and better UX for asset uploads. Thanks for watching.

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-21-2022

Morning all

  • Login and install tidy up
  • Matrix reordering and collapsing saving via JSON + VUE

  • Modal for assets using the matrix
  • Redo logo and installer screen
  • Matrix file validation (big job)
  • Vue UX for singlular fields variables
  • Login throttling
  • Update code to PS2 standards
  • Tidy multiples UX
  • Considering matrix retrieval in views template syntax
  • Possibly new dashboard UX (big job)
  • Securing all controllers
  • Functioning menu with useful examples
  • Matrix and content field searching facility, ignoring HTML entities and listing associated URIs
  • Enhanced URI mapping
  • Payment gateway integration / Payal + Stripe
  • Potentially, look into RESTFUL API, not sure how trivial or complex this will be with CI3
  • Potentially look at unit testing although may not be practical due to the complexity of the system

Thanks for watching

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-21-2022

Evening all various job completed

  • Modal UX working with assets and Matrix fields
  • Rich Text editor integration (Quilljs with vue) (Optional edit as HTML) - Need to add a clean up to remove redundant entities as could be an issue during the search site content phase
  • Integrated vuejs datepickers
  • Started work on adopting and addressing full styleguide as shown here
  • Renamed and removed redundant model files, started to properly separate any stray model logic away from controllers that was accidentally left during testing

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - demyr - 03-22-2022

Great effort @ignitedcms . Good luck for the rest/future of the project.

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-22-2022

Thanks @demyr much appreciated Smile

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-22-2022

Morning all.

Had a look at implementing a barebones recursive decent parser /regex solution for a simplified templating language because PHP short tags do get verbose sometimes, with the option of injecting PHP codeigniter functions 'as is' although unsure on its viability in the long run. Some concerns are overhead and reliability.

Quick wins today, will be strictly adopting a style writing guide and then into Figma to nail the final parts of the UX. The small setback of planning an interface in Figma totally makes up for the random chopping and changing of CSS/SCSS when just coding a UX on the fly.

Thanks for watching

RE: IgnitedCMS - Free supercharged CMS - ignitedcms - 03-25-2022

Morning all,

UX design almost completed so HTML /CSS implemented to be completed today
Second biggest concern now involves robust form validation via JSON and dynamic forms validated server side. If I can complete that - big big win.
Templating lib has taken another backseat, due to me still being in two minds over templating and their drawbacks.

Thanks for watching