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Auth module - ignitedcms - 03-17-2022

I'm sure this has been discussed to death, apologies as I've been away from the forums for some while, but it would be nice to have some basic auth scaffolding out of the box, is this something that has been discarded or still up for discussion?

RE: Auth module - MGatner - 03-19-2022

The team (preexisting me) decided not to include Auth centrally. There are lots of modules out there - I will plug Lonnie’s Shield (, as I think it has the best bet for becoming the “flagship” for CI4 Auth.

RE: Auth module - ignitedcms - 03-19-2022

I think that's a solid start actually, I know you can end up down a rabbit hole what with OAuth etc. That reminds me, I need to add IP throttling to my backlog.

RE: Auth module - InsiteFX - 03-19-2022

I use either Myth/Auth or Shield as @MGatner said above both by Lonnie.

RE: Auth module - kenjis - 05-14-2022


RE: Auth module - ignitedcms - 05-15-2022

Thank you for the update Kenjis