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CodeIgniter 4 Has Been Awesome - donpwinston - 03-18-2022

Just thought I'd post this. I work as a web developer for a private company contracted by the US Federal Court System.  I'm a former Java programmer but nowadays primarily a Drupal/PHP developer for various reasons. I chose CodeIgniter 4.0 for some new applications I needed to develop for the US Courts System that did not require a content management system like Drupal. I considered Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter. I chose CodeIgniter because of its simplicity.  (I came close to choosing Symfony because that is what Drupal is based on now but decided against it in the end). 
It was a little risky because CI4.0 was only an alpha version at the time and I did not want to use CI3 and have to rewrite the apps later.  I actually had two applications using an alpha version of CI in production for over a year.
This has turned out to be a great decision. Everything worked out and CI4 has proven to be a stellar development platform. The US federal government now has three of my applications using CodeIgniter 4 serving the public.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Has Been Awesome - seunex - 03-18-2022

It JUST more great. I always feel on top of the when create new project with CI4

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Has Been Awesome - MGatner - 03-19-2022

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying it

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Has Been Awesome - ChicagoPhil - 03-25-2022

I just started making the switch to CI4 as a CI3 user hold out. I've been looking it over for about a week now and it's pretty awesome.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Has Been Awesome - InsiteFX - 03-26-2022

I have been using CodeIgniter 4 since it started and it just amazes me.

Not only that we have one great Development Team.