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Passwordless Auth - InsiteFX - 05-05-2022

Google is bringing passwordless authentication support to Android and Chrome

RE: Passwordless Auth - superior - 05-11-2022

Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to place things like this with large IT companies. You lose a lot of privacy and can possibly also be used by governments to log in to websites without your knowledge or extra layer of security

RE: Passwordless Auth - InsiteFX - 05-12-2022

From what I have read it's going to use your cell phone to authorize you.

Problem what if you lose your cell phone?

RE: Passwordless Auth - superior - 05-12-2022

In a Dutch version on a different website i've read they store this inside your backup so you can restore this. That's my main concern, it's not just on your phone.

RE: Passwordless Auth - InsiteFX - 05-13-2022

True, they still have a lot to work out on this but everyone should be ready for the change it's coming.