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Cache : Best Pratice - InstantT - 07-06-2022

Do you have any recommendations for optimizing the speed of the site with the Cache, both for Internet users and for Google?

In my controllers, I use the following line before returning my views:

PHP Code:

Once the page is cached, it is displayed much faster for the users.

However, I have the impression that the Google Bot crawl is slower (I don't have enough log data to confirm this)

I also notice that the header returns :

PHP Code:

Do you advise to change this? And if yes, what should I do?

If you also have recommendations to improve the overall performance, I'm interested Smile

Ps : I use the file-based cache

Thanks in advance for your answer

RE: Cache : Best Pratice - includebeer - 07-06-2022

How can you say the Goole bot is slower? I don't see how it would be any different for a bot vs a human visitor.

The cache-control header affect only the browser. Not the rendering speed. It just mean the browser may use a local copy instead of requesting a new page from the web server.