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Post Update Compare Script - SoccerGuy3 - 09-12-2022

Hey all, 
A while back I came across a script that could be run against a CI update (via composer) and it would compare the files that changed against the old files (like the files in App >> Config) and report on which files needed to be merged (or at least reviewed). I cannot find the link to that script. I believe it came from github. Anyone remember such a thing?

RE: Post Update Compare Script - kenjis - 09-12-2022

tatter/patches or liaison/revision?


RE: Post Update Compare Script - SoccerGuy3 - 09-13-2022

Thanks. The Liaison ( ) sounds like the right one (or at least the closest to what I remember. The one I remember just created backups for the files in conflict (like the routes config file, you would end up with the CI standard version and a copy that had all your changes for comparison).