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CI In One - php_rocs - 11-17-2022

Check it out...

RE: CI In One - captain-sensible - 11-17-2022

mmm he says its "now' a project of British Columbia Institute of Technology ?

RE: CI In One - kenjis - 11-17-2022

Out of dated or inaccurate information.

RE: CI In One - includebeer - 11-20-2022

This is really annoying. It only continues to propagates the idea that CI is outdated. I created an account only to rub their nose in their BS article.

RE: CI In One - php_rocs - 11-20-2022

I prefer to look at the bright least CI is mentioned. In a positive manner. We can always inform the individual of the correct information.

RE: CI In One - SubrataJ - 11-20-2022

that article is full of BS, why don't they do their homework before posting BS in the name of information