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Error Class "Locale" not found - MAGAMIKE - 12-09-2022

I'm new using CodeIgniter.
I installed CodeIgniter 4 in my web site via cPanel/Softaculous in the root directory, i made the changes in app.php and databases.php but when I try to run for first time, i receive and screen with the next message: Error Class “Locale” not found, SYSTEMPATH/CodeIgniter.php at line 186.
I'm using PHP 8.0 and add extension=intl in the php.ini file located in the root directory.
Someone who can help me?

RE: Error Class "Locale" not found - datamweb - 12-11-2022

Hello, welcome to CodeIgniter.

CI It needs some things to run properly.
more info see :

So enable the intl extension. Locale is a class from ext-intl.
Your problem is related to intl extension being inactive or ext-intl not being installed on the server that uses it.
Make sure it is installed and active to fix the problem.

If you do not have access to install the plugin or activate it, ask your host to do it for you.

RE: Error Class "Locale" not found - InsiteFX - 12-12-2022

PHP Code:
Remove the semi-colon.

Like this.

RE: Error Class "Locale" not found - Pravinh - 12-13-2022