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Laracasts for CodeIgniter - anjanesh - 01-06-2023

Is there any resource like Laracasts for CodeIgniter ? I need to learn CodeIgniter from somewhere.

RE: Laracasts for CodeIgniter - Sprint - 01-13-2023

Yes, there are several resources available for learning CodeIgniter. One of the most popular is CodeIgniter Tutorials by TutsPlus, which provides video tutorials and written tutorials. Another great resource is CodeIgniter Guide, which provides free tutorials and resources for learning CodeIgniter. Additionally, there are several books and courses available on CodeIgniter, such as CodeIgniter for Beginners by Yaroslav Peleshchyshyn and CodeIgniter: Getting Started by David Stockton.

RE: Laracasts for CodeIgniter - michalsn - 01-13-2023

I think @kilishan is building some tutorials environment. You can check for details and a dedicated website
If I'm not wrong, he will be focusing on this, this year.

RE: Laracasts for CodeIgniter - InsiteFX - 01-14-2023

Resources for learning CodeIgniter 4.

IncludeBeer CodIgniter 4 Tutorials.

Roy Tutorials CodeIgniter 4 - Category: Codeigniter

Makeitweb Tutorials CodeIgniter 4 - CodeIgniter 4 Tutorials

RE: Laracasts for CodeIgniter - anjanesh - 01-14-2023

Thanks for all the useful links.