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Redis Session Driver Setup - rmartin93 - 01-13-2023

I'm trying to get the Redis Session drivers setup, but they don't seem to be working.
I get the error: NOAUH Authentication Required.
Here's the relevant code from Cache.php
PHP Code:
    public $redis = [
        'host' => "host is here ... removed for security",
        'password' => "password is here ... removed for security",
        'port' => "12037",
        'timeout'  => 0,
        'database' => 0,
Here's the relevant code from App.php
PHP Code:
public $sessionSavePath "same as host in Cache.php"
Anybody have any ideas why I'm getting that error? I'm giving it the same host and password I use to connect with the redis cli so I'm stumped.
BTW, I'm doing this on my local machine right now just to test whether or not I can connect before going into production. Maybe it will only connect in a production environment?? I don't know, that's why I'm here.

RE: Redis Session Driver Setup - kenjis - 01-13-2023

Config/Cache.php is the config file for Cache.
It does not used in Session at all.