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v4.3.1 released - kenjis - 01-14-2023

Hi all! New patch version of the framework is released. 
Reported bugs are fixed. Thank you for reporting.

Important: if you use Composer, CodeIgniter v4.3 requires Composer 2.0.14 or later.

All you need to know is in the Upgrading Guide.

Upgrading Guide:

RE: v4.3.1 released - nc03061981 - 01-14-2023

Thanks CI Team
I need file composer.json for update from v4.3.0 to v4.3.1

RE: v4.3.1 released - kenjis - 01-14-2023

@nc03061981 The composer.json in your project root folder is yours.
You can edit it as you like.

If you install CI appstarter, the framework version is set to ^4.0, which means 4.x.x but not 5.0.
If you run "composer update", you will get the latest version.

    "require": {
        "php": "^7.4 || ^8.0",
        "codeigniter4/framework": "^4.0"

If you want to fix the version, edit like this:
    "require": {
        "php": "^7.4 || ^8.0",
        "codeigniter4/framework": "4.3.1"

RE: v4.3.1 released - nc03061981 - 01-14-2023

Thanks @kenjis very much
I success upgrade to v4.3.1 with your guide

RE: v4.3.1 released - InsiteFX - 01-14-2023

Thanks to @kenjis and the CodeIgniter Development good job.

RE: v4.3.1 released - oyama-pai - 01-18-2023

I'm very grateful to @kenjis .
And Thanks to CI4 Team.

I ask @kenjis .
When will your website in 'Zenn' be updated?
I always frefer to 'Codeigniter 4 最速マスター'.

Looking forward to your update.
I’ll be rooting for you.

RE: v4.3.1 released - kenjis - 01-19-2023

@oyama-pai I probably don't update in Zenn.
Please see my blog (in Japanese)

RE: v4.3.1 released - chronic - 01-21-2023

I don't know if this is the right place to report it, however, after upgrading to version 4.3.1 I noticed that in all my forms this kind of situation doesn't work anymore where I show the error under each input, if I do the submit of the form which should show errors on the required fields for example, the result is that nothing is shown:

PHP Code:
if ($validation->hasError('username')) {
    echo $validation->getError('username');

RE: v4.3.1 released - kenjis - 01-21-2023

@chronic See
It is a bug fix.

Now Validation service returns errors only after a validation is run.
Please update your code.

RE: v4.3.1 released - chronic - 01-22-2023

(01-21-2023, 05:34 PM)kenjis Wrote: @chronic See
It is a bug fix.

Now Validation service returns errors only after a validation is run.
Please update your code.

Thanks kenjis, but for me doesn't work this:

PHP Code:
<?= validation_show_error('email'?>

I had to do like this:

PHP Code:
if (isset($errors['email']))
      echo $errors['email'];

Also I saw that this is left in the documentation. Is it because it hasn't been fixed yet or because it can be used in other situations?

However this thing will involve me a lot of work on all the forms of all the sites that I have created, because I always used the error display in this way.