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Forum not working properly - ashaggy - 01-20-2023

I've received private message with text "You have received a warning from the staff of CodeIgniter Forums." in it.
There is no detail of warning, I didn't break any of forum rules, so it must be forum malfunction.
Please fix it.

RE: Forum not working properly - kenjis - 01-20-2023

You were warned by a moderator.

There are too many spams in this forum. It seems we need more moderators.

RE: Forum not working properly - InsiteFX - 01-21-2023

I deleted around 10 yesterday morning, it is an on going problem but we do our best.

It was one of the other moderators that warned you, I always say why you were warned.

Just make sure you do not post links to other websites that are avertising stuff or porn!

RE: Forum not working properly - php_rocs - 01-23-2023

@ashaggy, Yes a warning was issued due to a reporting of a few of your responses. There was no mistake with the system. Please keep in mind that your reputation can be reversed based on your responses/action going forward.