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Custom form validation - chakycool - 01-24-2023

Hi All,
I has a custom form validation created just like the one on this tutorial ( and was working fine on 4.2.1.
I just updated the core to 4.3.1 and the form validation errors are not been displayed on the view. Validation work and I can catch the custom error msg on the controller but it's not working on the view. Basically I load the service on the view and print the error as per below. Any idea why this is not working on 4.3.1 ?

//load the service
$validation = \Config\Services::validation()

//print the error
echo $error = $validation->getError('email');

RE: Custom form validation - kenjis - 01-24-2023


PHP Code:
<?php $validation = \Config\Services::validation(); ?>

<?php $validation session()->get('validation'); ?>

RE: Custom form validation - chakycool - 01-24-2023

Thanks Kenjis, I went with the below code on the view if someone else run in to this issue.

echo session('validation') ? session('validation')->getError('email') : '';

you can also go with the very sort method as below and not load the service on the view at all.

<?=validation_show_error('email') ?>