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Shield Route Filtering via group - grimpirate - 02-20-2023

I have the following lines in my Config/Routes.php:
PHP Code:

$routes->resource('api/clients', [
    'controller' => 'API\Clients',
    'only' => ['index''create'],
    'filter' => 'group:admin,superadmin',
$routes->presenter('clients', [
    'controller' => 'Clients',
    'only' => ['index'],
    'filter' => 'group:admin,superadmin',


The public string $defaultGroup = 'user'; in Config/AuthGroups.php for a newly registered user is unchanged. However, when I navigate to http://localhost/clients (with a user in the default group) I can still see and interact with the page just fine. I confirmed the group alias filter is being applied to the route by using php spark filter:check GET /clients. It generated the following:
| Method | Route    | Before Filters | After Filters |
| GET    | /clients | group session  | group toolbar |

So the filter is being applied, but the arguments of admin,superadmin do nothing to filter a member of the user group. What am I doing wrong?

RE: Shield Route Filtering via group - datamweb - 02-21-2023

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce your problem.

.jpg   filter.jpg (Size: 69.42 KB / Downloads: 9)

So if I need to provide more details to reproduce your problem.
Maybe sharing the output of the following commands or anything else, including the framework version and...

php spark db:table auth_groups_users&php spark db:table users

RE: Shield Route Filtering via group - grimpirate - 02-21-2023

I'm not sure what happened either. I haven't made any changes to the code; yet today I spun up the docker image and everything worked. I guess I must've been logged in with an admin user, or some sort of caching was happening in the browser. I really can't explain it. Regardless, thank you for your help datamweb.