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Shield Beta 4 Released - kilishan - 03-10-2023

Beta 4 of Shield has been released! We believe this gets us very close to an official 1.0 release.

Everyone using Shield should upgrade to this as it fixes several items (including at least one high-priority security issue), and adds some new features. Among the fixes and changes:
  • New group and permission filters for restricting access via controller filters
  • Banning system implemented
  • Can now force users to reset passwords if needed
  • Now easier to override the default views with your own views
  • New UserModel generator to easily extend Shield's model
  • Can customize the table names used by Shield to prevent conflicts with existing apps
  • Turkish and Italian translations
  • 14 bug-fixes, including fixing a password shucking vulnerability

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making Shield even easier, safer, and more flexible. This includes contributions by 9 new contributors.

RE: Shield Beta 4 Released - InsiteFX - 03-10-2023

@kilishan, Thank you very much for your hard work on this.

RE: Shield Beta 4 Released - kenjis - 03-12-2023

Because the official documentation was not updated,
we are planning to release beta5 soon.
But there are a few new translation items.
We encourage to send PRs to translate!

PHP Code:
'bannedUser'            => '(To be translated) Can not log you in as you are currently banned.',
'logOutBannedUser'      => '(To be translated) You have been logged out because you have been banned.',
'errorPasswordTooLongBytes' => '(To be translated) Password cannot exceed {param} bytes in length.'

RE: Shield Beta 4 Released - kenjis - 03-13-2023

The following languages have untranslated items:

RE: Shield Beta 4 Released - kenjis - 03-18-2023

Beta.5 was released!