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v4.3.4 released - kenjis - 04-27-2023

We are pleased to announce the release of the new patch version of the framework.

This provides several bug fixes including two breaking changes.
Please read the upgrading guide carefully.

And there are lot of improvements in the User Guide, especially,
Redirect and View Cells.

Upgrading Guide:

Note: Unfortunately, due to deployment trouble, the official User Guide in is not yet updated.
Please read the User Guide in GitHub Pages.

RE: v4.3.4 released - datamweb - 04-27-2023

Many thanks to you and all contributors.

RE: v4.3.4 released - nc03061981 - 04-27-2023

Thanks CI Teams

RE: v4.3.4 released - yahyaerturan - 04-27-2023

Thanks for continuous updates. Though I really enjoy the Symfony framework, I prefer CI4 for the most of the projects. Thanks for keeping up the good work.

RE: v4.3.4 released - InsiteFX - 04-27-2023

@kenjis, Thank you and a special Thank you to the CodeIgniter Development Team for their hard work.

RE: v4.3.4 released - SubrataJ - 04-28-2023

A thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to the whole team, so I will try my best to acquire skills so that one day I can be part of this team too.

RE: v4.3.4 released - Crenel - 05-06-2023

I've been away from CI development, and serious Web development in general, for years. Just now firing up a new project in CI4 (my first after sticking with CI3 for a long time) and it's good to see new releases and ongoing work being done on the framework. Many thanks to all who have been involved in keeping CodeIgniter going!

RE: v4.3.4 released - kidando - 05-07-2023

I don't know why CodeIgniter isn't as popular as the other frameworks. I used cakephp before 2012/2013. And it had so many rules it was insane. Not only were you learning PHP but CakePHP. CodeIgniter gets out of your way. That's even more so with CI4. Mad thanks a ton to the dev team for maintaining such a powerful application development framework tool.

RE: v4.3.4 released - zannhe - 05-08-2023

when I follow the documentation ´╝ÜBuild Your First Application/ Static Pages , it result : 404 Controller or its method is not found: \Config\Pages::view . but why "config" ???

RE: v4.3.4 released - kenjis - 05-09-2023

use App\Controllers\Pages;