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Access login page coding - El Forum - 05-30-2008


I have made a project in ms -access. I want to access this application through login window.
i need login window coding with complete functionality with access database.

Access login page coding - El Forum - 05-31-2008

And you want us to do what? Explain how it works, what you need to do? You want us making it for you???

Please explain your question a little better.

Access login page coding - El Forum - 05-31-2008

[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Don't you think that we discuss PHP here and try to be very specific to CI. What on god's name is MS-Access to do with CI & PHP. Dheeraj, please find some MS-Access forum or you can look for professional help with MS-Access support.

Derek: Please close this discussion due to irrelevancy.