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Worth Using Ci for this? - pertonn - 08-21-2023

I want to make a blog/article website with one or two products available to buy online in time. I'm finding WordPress loads very slowly, so I considered doing away with it and making a custom site. I haven't much CSS/HTML/PHP experience, but I am happy to learn. Am I best off sticking to a cms system like WordPress or Drupal or learning more coding and using Ci?


RE: Worth Using Ci for this? - InsiteFX - 08-21-2023

Yes, if you don't mind writing the whole app, I'am re-writing my blog now with it.

I have a blog template with bootstrap 5 with DarkMode already working.

I recommend that if you go down this path that you use the CodeIgniter Modules.

If you need more help we are here to help you.