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Shield Beta 8 Security Fix Released - kenjis - 11-22-2023

We are pleased to announce the release of Beta 8 of Shield, the official authentication and authorization for CodeIgniter 4.

This release includes two Security Fixes in Authentication with Tokens.
All users who are using Access Tokens, JWT, HmacSha256 Tokens should upgrade soon.
1. Insertion of Sensitive Information into Log
2. Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in HMAC SHA256 Authentication

This release also has some breaking changes.
See Upgrade Guide carefully before upgrading.

We believe this brings us very very close to the official 1.0 release.
Please test and give us your feedback.

RE: Shield Beta 8 Security Fix Released - InsiteFX - 11-26-2023

@kenjis, Thank you.

RE: Shield Beta 8 Security Fix Released - luckmoshy - 11-27-2023

To be honest, one of the best things that happened was the CI shield. Of course, the team has done a huge job (cheer up, buddy). If you are a pro developer and have worked with other PHP frameworks, you will agree with me that CI +its SHIELD will work easily, creating a fantastic APP The shield is very easy, and you can manipulate it in a way you feel is very easy. you can make an even more interactive app with ease; come to JWT; it is working amazing, buddy loll hurrah (there is a lot to speak about, ok anyway) best wishes CI tEAM clapping...........