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Typo in documentation? - objecttothis - 04-08-2024 specifies that /tests/.htaccess received changes, but I don't see a .htaccess file in that directory (/vendor/codeigniter4/framework/tests/) even though there is one in the master branch of CI. Maybe this is a problem with the composer package?  I have `"codeigniter4/framework": "4.4.8",` in the require section.

RE: Typo in documentation? - kenjis - 04-08-2024

Thank you. This is because there is a flaw in the current release process.
The main repository and distribute repository are not exactly the same,
but we checks in the main repository.

But don't worry, tests/.htaccess and app/.htaccess are not needed at all.
They are just in case for users who install CI4 incorrectly to the document root.

RE: Typo in documentation? - kenjis - 04-08-2024


RE: Typo in documentation? - kenjis - 04-09-2024

The current in-progress User Guide is updated: