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URI problems - El Forum - 06-12-2008

Hello, I'm having an issue calling a page with a value passes with it

basically calling results in a 404 and in the logs it shows 404 Page Not Found --> Editserver/1 but if i call the same page with out the /1 or even just without the 1, the page loads (with empty table of course).

The 1 is the server ID to look up the info for and is read with $this->uri->segment(3), this is also coming from a text link, so i cant post it to the page

the folder structure is controllers/administration/EditServer.php

Thanks for your help.

URI problems - El Forum - 06-12-2008

[eluser]Gavin Blair[/eluser]
what does your controller look like?

URI problems - El Forum - 06-12-2008

[eluser]Nikhil Vijayan[/eluser]
EditServer is your controller .. you havent specified the method ..

if you are using index function then call it like this