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Only index shows up - El Forum - 06-18-2008

Hey guys, I'm very new here, and I'm going over to the introduction forum in a minute, just asking a question here first because I have a live website that needed to be done yesterday not working. =P

Anyways, the business website is and as you'll notice if you check it out, the first page seems to be loaded okay. None of the other pages in that same controller (production) seem to be working, nor can I reference the index itself if I try and goto it at

I am wondering if this is a problem with the business hosting, because I had this working perfectly well in my Kubuntu Virtual Machine, I uploaded it all, changed the config.php configuration file for CodeIgniter, and everything but the index doesn't work, it returns a "404 Not Found" or a "Bad Gateway". Plesk is what my company uses for their control panel aswell, I belive it's version 8.4, if this helps.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions, if you need more information from me please ask.

EDIT: I enabled query strings and rewrote my URL's as a temporary solution for this.

Only index shows up - El Forum - 06-18-2008

did you check out the trouble shooting section of the CI user guide?