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Starting a new App - charlie - 01-31-2015

I am starting a new App, I say new but it is a site I was running on a custom written MVC but it was messy and needed overhauling.

I decided upon CI as I like the flexibility it offers (for me I hate frameworks which use their own syntax and templating) in writing my own PHP stuff and easily integrating it. I have been going at it a week now and have rapidly nearly ported my whole site into CI.

My question is that I downloaded 2.2.1 but I am thinking I should probably be working in CI 3.0. Although it is not at production stage, I may be creating a whole load of work for myself when it does. Should I use 3.0 and if I do, and I go live with it are their any risks?

RE: Starting a new App - kilishan - 01-31-2015

Version 3 is quite stable, and has been used in a number of production sites over the last year with no problems that I've heard of. Go for 3, if you have the time to port it, which, honestly shouldn't take too long.

RE: Starting a new App - colonelclick - 02-18-2015


3.0-dev has been in wide production use for some time. And now we have RC1 and RC2!