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problem with postgres - El Forum - 06-30-2008


first post an already about a problem, sorry :-)

i tried to experiment with codeigniter with a postgres database. as soon as i entered the database-config (/application/config/database.php) i got a blank screen with absolutely no output on any url i entered within the php application. there were no logs in apache error.log and in the logs dir in the framework-dir. i tried to set the loglevel to max but it didnt work. is there something wrong with the postgres driver? how can i debug such an error? my config is apache2 with modphp5 and the latest codeignitter framework.

problem with postgres - El Forum - 07-01-2008

Hi mkdigital,

codeigniter tries to connect to your database via a tcp socket. Most linux distributions configure PostgreSQL in a way that it doesn't listen to the network socket - that might be one problem. Next up: even if PostgreSQL is started with the "-i" switch, you will have to configure pg_hba.conf (in the "data"-directory) to allow connections from your codeignited host (localhost i guess). For details on how to grant access for a specific user/ip to a database have a look in PostgreSQLs documentation

Hope this helps,

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