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Loading Screen? - El Forum - 07-01-2008

Is it possible to have a loading screen instead of just white, like when you go to the page?

Loading Screen? - El Forum - 07-04-2008

[eluser]Jeff Logan[/eluser]
Hi Neoevents, could you provide a bit more details with regards to the Loading Screen - as i'm not sure what part of Codeigniter this is in relation to.


Loading Screen? - El Forum - 07-04-2008

I'm sure he's talking about a loading screen, like the flash sites have.

yes, you can have it without flash, has javascript, research javascript preload. to be honest, spend an extra hour or 2 optimizing your code and minimizing the use of images, use css as much as possible, that really has a strong impact.

Loading Screen? - El Forum - 07-04-2008

You can use Ajax for showing a loading message.. However Ajax is not built-in with Code Igniter you can use any third party Ajax library.. I would recommend "prototype.js" as it is very easy to use... with that you can show a loading image or message while your request is being sent to server... i hope you have got my point.. If still any problem then let me know..