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Email Addresses and Spam

My employer has a habit of posting every employee's email address on the company websites. Their network is being hammered with spam (as many probably are). I started work there as a web programmer a couple of months ago. I'm hoping to implement CI into some of the websites eventually. Anyway I was wondering if it would do any good if the plaintext email addresses were removed, and either an image or some sort of character encoding would do any good. At this point I'd imagine thousands of harvesters have our email addresses. And even if they didn't would the bots most likely target the domain anyway? They say they have 3 layers of filters, and the 3rd filter still gets thousands of spam emails a day.

An image is an option, or encoding it with javascript and puzzling it together afterwards, but as you said, a lot harvesters will have the email addresses allready, so changing them might be the only option Confused

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