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CSS problem


I seriously messed up somewhere.
So I installed the code igniter etc, got the whole master page thing down. And when I start to add new pages, the problem begins.

So... from the top..

My main page goes to http://localhost.
This page finds all the images and the CSS file without a problem. From the moment I want to go to a different page.

The URL looks something like this...


This is quite a problem since now it's looking for my CSS file at this location
http://localhost/index.php/style.css (the index.php has to go ..)

I didn't notice this because I've been busy on the main page most of the time.
So the next thing I tried was going to http://localhost/index.php/home/index (where localhost points to) and I got to that page too, but again, no css and no images.

It looks like I did something wrong with URL as well cause it doesn't seem to user friendly.

I thought the URL was something that looked like

http://www.example.com/controller/view/<followed by possible vars>

mine don't look like that at all.
I haven't used a .htaccess file though. Can that solve my problem?

any idea's for a solution?

You've just built your links to your css file wrong. Try using absolute paths... Adding a / at the start of your relative uri might even work...




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