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Hi, Please Help on this error

Hi Guys,

I got this error some times.

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\server2go\htdocs\UMDP\system\application\controllers\phones.php:124)

Filename: libraries/Db_session.php

Line Number: 248


[eluser]Nick Husher[/eluser]
Somewhere you're printing out a character before the session library is executing.

You may have a space before your opening <?php in your controller file, or you're using the echo command before loading the session libraries.

I checked the controller files I didn't find any space before <?php. In my DB_session.php there is no echo command.

Thanks for your time.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
The error tells you where the output started, line 124 of your phones.php controller. Check that line of that file, my guess is whitespace, perhaps after the closing PHP tag (which is one reason we have removed closing PHP tags from all of CI's files.

Nick Husher and Derek Jones,

Thanks guys. I think the problem was solved. I can't see the error anymore. I removed white spaces after the ?> at the end ef every conroller file.

Thanks again.

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