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a list of books written based on codeigniter application development

[eluser]Sally D[/eluser]
I only know of one Professional Codeigniter

and that book has already been deprecated. I'm up to chapter 4 and I am following along by typing out the commands all manually on my 10 inch eee pc key board no and copy and paste I mind you. I am pretending to be the web developer building a e commerce site for Claudia it's really fun I am make believing nice

for instance it uses the $db->getwhere function which has been replaced with the $db->get_where function
and also the book uses the $db->orderby("rand()") which has been replaced with $db->order_by('title',"rand");

I am trying to following along with this book but I keep on finding things that are out of date with 1.6.3 are there any up to date books that I can follow along with. I am really enjoying this one though its just not up to date

so if you know of any good book online or in print please share it here. Thanks

There are currently 2 CodeIgniter books in print:

Professional CodeIgniter by Thomas Myer (Jul 28, 2008)
CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development by David Upton (Jul 23, 2007)

With the second one being even more out of date. You are probably far better off by following CodeIgniter's official User Guide.

Why you need BOOK..user guide and wiki are more than enough.

If you're just starting with PHP I don't think that a framework will do you any good instead it might confuse you...

[eluser]Sally D[/eluser]
no i am not getting confused about php. understanding php is the easy part the hard part of php is putting all those statements together to form a script now thats hard

I like following this book cause I like the way each chapter leads into the next chapter. its the suspense so far the book has got me interested. plus I like following a tried and true paradigm instead of hacking away as I go I am learning professional habits.

plus I am feeling like the programmer the wiki and the user_guide just give you the information with out posing some sort of story or meaning behind it

this book is like following a cookbook and making a dish where as the wiki and user_guide just tells what the ingredient is and how to use it .

Those are good books and the user guide is great and a Documented API would be a cherry on the top.

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