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the new Sessions library in SVN


I'm developping a project which will need sessions. I like the way how is working the current Sessions library in Codeigniter 1.6.3 , but not the userdata storage in cookies instead of the database.

I know there is a DB_Session library, but I prefer using the native Codeigniter code instead of adding external libraries, and which also check IP address and user agent and cookie encryption.

I just saw that in the SVN, the Sessions library seems to be updated and now store user_datas in the database, which is perfect for me.

My question is : is the library in the SVN considered as "stable" ? and could I use it in Codeigniter 1.6.3 directly (so replacing the file Sessions.php by the one in the SVN), or 1.6.4 will be really needed ?


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Until its released you cant be sure its bug-free, and even then you can only be 99.9% certain.

Your best bet is to just check out the 1.7.0-pre and give it a try.

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
You should assume that it will be buggy. I just started a project a few weeks ago on the SVN version and wasted time with bugs right out of the gate. Take a look at the activity on it, they are changing things all the time. By definition, that is not stable.

However, I agree that the session changes are really cool, so I decided to go ahead with the dev version anyways. By the time I finish the project I'm sure the next version will be out.

Thanks for the answers.

I finally tested the new Session.php library from SVN into Code Igniter 1.6.3, and I do not have any problem with it for now.

Wahoo! Been using OB_Sessions for this reason but not sure how long that will be supported as CI marches on.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
The session class should be reasonably stable, but yeah, there are chances for bugs. @John: did you report the bugs you hit? Be happy to clean those up!

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