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Developing a CI powered forum. Requests?

Hey all

I've started with my latest, greatest and fairly ambitious project: a CI powered, free, bulletin board. Or forum, discussion board or whatever you wanna call it.

I want to keep it light, easy to skin and most of all: easy to incorporate in other things.

I've only started developping this morning and I've only finished the registering and logging in/out, but I've hit a first issue: should I use different controllers?

Different controllers would keep my functions cleaner, but would make it harder to incorporate in an existing project.

What do you guys think, and while we're at it, do you have any requests? Things you think should really be in there?

If you want others to be able to easily incorporate it into other applications, develop is as a module.

Regarding multiple controllers - I think it's natural and obvious to have multiple controllers handling the different realms of logic. Doing so within modules, as I mentioned above, would help you keep it separate and clean.

Developping as a module huh. Do I need some extra library for that, or do you simply mean I should put all controllers in an application/controller subdir?

Mainly recommending Wiredesignz's Modular Extensions.

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