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Revisiting CI


I used Codeigniter many years ago and have since used yii, cakephp and laravel 5.
I recently became interested in HMVC and after frustrating problems with laravel 5,
I am relearning CI.

Would you suggest I start with CI3, since this is the future?

also is HMVC worth doing or should I stick with the stand MVC?

I was also eying FuelPHP, but I like the simpler approach that CI uses.



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Hello frocco,

I can't tell you a lot about HMVC 'cause I don't use it (I prefer to stick to MVC), but when I started to learn a bit about HMVC, FuelPHP would have been my top choice ! Like CI, it's simple to use, it has a great community growing every day, good doc, etc...

For CI3, I would advice you to go with it with your eyes closed, it's now a release canditate, so very close to final version and already stable to use it as daily ! I can't remember which staff member wrote that, but he was telling that CI3, even in RC, is much more stable than old CIs !

Thanks for getting back to me.
I have a project coming up and am trying to decide on HMVC or MVC.
From what I understand, HMVC makes it eaiser to drop in a solution for future projects.

In regards to your question about CI 3, I'd say that starting with it is a safe choice despite being in RC status and the CodeIgniter homepage still recommending 2.2.1. I migrated a platform that sees around 20,000 active members at any given time with a million registered users to the latest CI 3 dev branch and it's been quite stable. After following all of the commits made since RC2, I'd even recommend going with the latest dev branch since I believe it's going to be all bug fixes until the official 3.0 release (and RC2 had a session bug that I didn't want in production).

No problem, we're here for that Smile

I think that if your project is small (speaking of its architecture), CI will do it as well as Fuel ! But for big projects that requires a lot of complex functionnalities, Fuel would be better by "sorting" and "merging" those meant to be together. From what I understood, it's more clearer and easier to build and even upgrade big projects with HMVC, thus this doesn't mean you can't do the same thing with CI and a good architecture of your own !

It's up to you to decide which way you'll choose ! Happy brainstorming Tongue

HMVC has a lot of benefits in modularity if you really keep it in mind when developing your modules. However, since it's not supported in the CI core, you have to make sure you find an HMVC solution that works for you and is going to keep up with any changes in CI (unless you choose a different framework for your HMVC implementation).

Other than folder organization, most of the benefits of HMVC can be replicated in CI's implementation of MVC through careful design, especially through the use of template libraries and controller inheritance.

CI3 has been in active development for a very long time, and was in production use by many people even when I first evaluated CI for my own site 3 years ago. At that time I chose CI2 and Wiredesignz HMVC (by way of Bonfire), but today I would certainly recommend starting with CI3 rather than CI2 if you're building a new site.

CI3 has most of the stuff built in I require, except templates and auth.
Community means a lot to me when issues arise and help is needed.

I tried Laravel 5 and was getting a Token Mismatch error. I asked on their form, and never get a solution.
Looked at yii2 and cakephp3.

It might be more work up front, but CI looks like it will do all I need.

@frocco, you should try to use this library : https://github.com/RoumenDamianoff/ci-layout

Personnally I made a helper for assets and a library almost like this one but matching my exact needs, and it works very well !

Thanks, will this work with CI3?

I guess it can work as it cannot !

You may have to make some changes if the Core View Class has changed, if not you shouldn't have to Smile

Wait to read you, keep in touch !

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