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Advice on associating related entries

I am fairly new to CI and throwing myself in the deep in developing a web app.

basically I need advice on how to achieve the following;

I have three tables:




(where manager and staff_member tables have a userID, name, email, password -- and job has jobID, details) I want client and job separated as there will be multiple jobs uploaded

I want to have the "manager" be able to log in and have a profile type landing page from which he/she sees a list of staff_member they have and a list of jobs they have, where staff_member and job lists are pulled from the database relating t the "manager" who is signed in.

I think I am right to assume that i need to use the "managerID" from the manager table to select from the "staff_member" and "job" tables respectively.

And from the listing of clients and jobs, have links to each table respectively, so the manager can click a link on a particular job to view who the client is or vise versa by clicking the link on a staff_member to see which jobs are related to them

Can someone please give me a a nudge in the right direction as to how to achieve this as I am not 100%.

Also, what is the most secure way to allow a manager to log in and view his/her clients and jobs - i.e. I dont want someone to be able to just spoof the URI to get a list.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am not trying to be lazy and look for someone to post the solution if thats what your thinking, but rather need a point in the right direction as to how to achieve this.

Cheers jermemyapp, seems a very logical way of implementing the db tables. I will do a google search and read up just to expand my knowledge on the normalization, as in the past I have not had to create very complex db's th table relationships.

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