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HMVC extension help

[eluser]new developer[/eluser]
I have made a little application with pages and user management. But its becoming quite cluttered so i thought i will give a go to HMVC extension. I read about HMVC. I have downloaded the .zip. Extracted it but did not work. Information says I should have some libraries and helper function. But i extracted i got only three files as under.


I placed them in the /application/library/ and created a module called test with its controller and views. but did not work. Are there any helper classes required.If anyone can please tell me the detailed information. How to go on about this ? I will really appreciate your help.

What are you doing to test it? Do you have a MY_Controller in your libraries folder? When you say it is not working, what happens (404, 500, etc)?

[eluser]new developer[/eluser]
It gives me a 404 error.

Ok i will explain what i did. I unzipped the library classes in application library folder.
The classes i copied to /application/library folder are


Then i made a controller test.php and a view for it as /controller/test.php .
But i got 404 error. And even putting these library files. The normal working of codeignier halted i.e. the controllers in controller folder were inaccessible.

Are you using 100% stock CI 1.7.0? Do you have any MY_ files in your libraries folder?

[eluser]new developer[/eluser]
I am using latest version of code igniter. I just have these files in my /application/library folder


These are the only files i got in a zip folder. then i proceeded onto making a controller test.php in /controllers/test.php. I tested it then it said 404 error.

[eluser]new developer[/eluser]
Can you anyhow please explain me the steps to take in order to make HMVC. I will be grateful to you.

First, I would suggest you redo the CI and make sure it is working WITHOUT HMVC installed. Then you should be able to add these files and it not break your installation.

Update: What is the URL you are calling to attempt to reach the new moduled controller?

1) Start with a working copy of CI.
2) Copy the 3 files and put them in your libraries folder (I believe that you mean libraries instead of library). Make sure you do NOT have a MY_Controller because the thing will not load.
3) Make sure CI is still working.
4) Create an Application/modules folder.
5) under that create a folder called Dog (random name) and create subfolders controllers and views. Put the testing view in the new views folder and the testing controller in the new controllers folder.
6) Go do http://your_host/index.php/Dog/your_controller

I am sorry for what seemed like stupid questions but I was attempting to figure out where you were in your install process.

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