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how to html to .doc files? anyone?

Anyone knows a better class out there? doesn't have to be a plugin or a library for CI, Please give me links... tnx tnx tnx a bunch ^_^

What exactly are you trying to do? What OS?

ok, let's say i have an html file, and i want it to be converted to a .doc file. wich can later be opened and edited by non-web people. ^_^ OS is not really an issue here.

I have found two libraries.

i have ported the first one to CI:

extract the html_to_doc.inc.php from zip and put in to system/plugins folder.

create new file to_doc_pi.php in system/plugins folder.

<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
function doc_create($html, $filename)
    $htmltodoc= new HTML_TO_DOC();
    $htmltodoc->createDocFromURL($html, $filename);

Finally create test controller doc.php:

class Doc extends Controller{
    function Doc(){

    function index(){
        doc_create('http://google.com', 'google');

wow! nice man... tnx a bunch

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