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php tag cloud

Can anyone share how they made a tag cloud?

I am just trying to find the most popular words in a series of rows. Basically, I have 1000 rows with text, and want to make the tag cloud that would show the most popular words in those rows.


This function can power your tag cloud.

Thanks! I feel dumb asking the second part, but I am just curious as to the appropriate query.

How would I take a specific column from say 1000 rows and turn them into a long string?

loop the result, add the value of the column to an array inside the loop and implode the array after the loop.

would I just use implode (separator,array) ?

if the array has one dimension you can but the result method returns an array with objects an the result_array method returns a 2 dimensional array.
The loop is to flatten the array.

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