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master card ?

how to make a php-based application for online transaction that requires credit card number,etc.Thx

echo "Plz gv me yous credit card number now";

If that doesn't work you should have a look at the paypal lib in the wiki.

Although i'm fairly sure my first suggestion should work just fine...

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an alternative method is to use the by_crikey_im_lazy library, due to be introduced in CI v 137.93
$this->by_crikey_im_lazy->make_me_a_cup_of_tea($sugar, $milk);
there's a lot of work involved in setting up and using credit card gateways, and you seem to be expecting someone to hand it to you on a plate. sorry pal, it ain't gonna happen.

I was way more helpful than you, you could learn a thing or two from me you know...

I am sorry due to my bad english , I think we have some misunderstanding here, what I mean is , I want to open a online store using php, and I want to make some of my customer can pay me using their credit cards or master cards. I dont want to overcharge my customer nor suffer a finansial lost to my own store. How can I do that ?

I think your first post was more clear to be honest.

Why don't you try and do a search on google for a tutorial telling you how to create an online store using php, after you've read that you can apply the theory and adapt the code to exist within the codeigniter structure.

Okay? Good.

instead of being such a helpful codeigniter 'lab assistant' is it to much pain for you to teach or give other people, who needs help a url link so they can learn ? not all people as smart as you. And I think it's better than just giving some junk post.Thx anyway for your reply

[eluser]GSV Sleeper Service[/eluser]
[quote author="audiopleb" date="1232589982"]I was way more helpful than you, you could learn a thing or two from me you know...[/quote]

I've learnt two things from you, both very important.
1. Gordon is alive.
2. your birdmen CAN fly

and I don't mean how to create a shopping cart, what I mean is how to do an online trading using master card, this is what I've google

@GSV Sleeper Service - It took me a good couple of minutes to get that!

@RaiNnTeaRs As i'm not 100% certain of your level of expertise i wasn't going to give you a link. However now that you have exposed my short comings i shall furnish you with one.


Sorry i wasn't more use to you, i hope this has restored your faith in me and all like me.

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