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CI and command line applications


I am currently working on on rewriting a fairly large web application which was developed back in the days before there was stuff like PEAR, CI, and others around. The application consists of two parts, a web application itself which can be ported to use CI pretty good, but the other part of the app is a command line application which was used as cron job to perform various management tasks, e.g. some heavy cache stuff, as due to the nature of the application we had ~ 2GB of data that needed to be cache.

Now I am wondering, if anyone has experiences with CI and the command line? Can one simply include the CI web app in the command line app and call functions and libraries from there? Or would those apps have to be seperate CI apps?

I have read the Wiki articles on command line usage, and a bit unsure if this will work out well. Any recommendations or experiences from your apps would be welcome.


Perhaps this will help you: http://www.larrykagan.com/blog/view/Code...mmand-Line

Thank you very much. That article exactly matches with what we have Tongue Even the directory layout matches.

Thus: question answered, and this new user is happy. Thanks!

Ah nuts! I didn't notice it was your first post... Welcome to the CodeIgniter community! Big Grin

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