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I am building a member's area for one of my sites. One of my clients wants to have forums. And I was thinking rather than having clunky forum code, is there any library or something to add into my existing CI to add this feature?

Thanks for your help!

If you do write your own, be sure to respect localisation .. and don't assume everyone enjoys the utterly bewildering MM-DD-YYYY format. <glances wistfully at header of this page>

As a forum is a rather complex structure, I doubt you will find a drop-in library.

But I have created a forum using CI and am thinking about making the download available somewhen soon. I just have to add a feature or 2 and update the layout a bit Big Grin

It doesn't have to be a drop in library. But maybe something that can easily be integrated.

A basic forum really doesn't constitute that much. It's when you try and make a Vbulletin counterpart that it really bites you!

I am currently working on building a custom forum system myself, and naturally, it has balooned way out of control! Surprise... huh. Permissions is the big one you have to focus on.

you can go with vanilla forums.. its easy to integrate with CI and very light weight...

you can get it from here...


Vanilla looks pretty cool. They hide their licence information remarkably well - had to go to WP to find out that it's released under the GPL.

I suspect two problems with integrating this into a CI site. First, Vanilla has its own framework. Possibly not insurmountable, but it depends how much stuff you want to do under the hood. Second it includes its own user auth system.

I suspect that anyone contemplating a 'drop-in forum system' already has their own auth system (only because otherwise it implies that so far they've installed MySQL and PHP and are now looking for a 'drop-in-and-does-everything' system). Probably the same huge integration problem you'll have with any drop-in, rather than tack-on, lump of code.

actually there is one tutorial in CI wiki that teach you how to integrate vanilla to CI & also its having many extensions that you can install and customize your vanilla forum.

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