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get_captcha_image not working

OK i signed up and use recaptcha. it works fine on the registration page but if you enter wrong password enough then dx_auth puts up Enter the code exactly as it appears. There is no zero. There is no code displayed.

Any ideas?

Hey, I have the same problem right now. Did you find the solution?

no i did not find a solution. I just continued to work on my project and pushed back fixing that.

Buddy, seems i've found this.

The problem (mine) was in my server options which concern the stuff like mime-types and folders' properties or something like this may be. well, in brief- relocate the f...g /captcha/ folder in your images folder and call it a day,lol. Now I have the path like this:

$config['DX_captcha_path'] = '../images/captcha/';

and it works Wink

yet still have another problem with dx_auth on windows machine..

One more addition. The solution above was about my local pc- apache in windows XP environment.

Today I've been uploading and testing the site to the real WWW on *nix based server. And bumped into the same problem - no captcha image displayed. It was solved by changing /captcha/ folder permissions from 755 to 777 Wink

One more addition to this issue. I've moved to Ubuntu OS, and the first problem with a next codeigniter site was dx_auth captcha became invisible again... lol.. Well, if the same thing'd happen with anybody, I'd advise to check at once whether GD library is available in your new PHP installation or not...Wink

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