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How to create a forum

[eluser]Thiago Luiz[/eluser]
Hi. Can someone tell me how can I create a forum? Or gimme a example...

Unless you're wanting a specific feature that's not offered by any prefabricated forums, it might be worth looking into getting something like SMF working with CodeIgniter. I here it integrates quite well.

A forum is nothing one can explain in 5 words...it's kinda complex Wink

You need several tables (user, forum, topic, post to only name a few), user right management to allow for editing of posts/topics by admins or moderators or the creator of the post/thread, maybe use of bbcode/smilies and quite alot of more or less complex database queries and layouts.

I'm not aware of any publicly available forum based on CI.
I created one for private use and I am working on a new version for public release but that'll propably take some more days, if not weeks.

[eluser]Thiago Luiz[/eluser]
Is there any solution if I want this forum in portuguese , TheFuzzy0ne?

Portuguese is supported. You just need to download a language pack.

mmm the best way, search for a tutorial forum with php...and just try this in CI.

[eluser]Thiago Luiz[/eluser]
ok, today I will look attempt to do this task.

http://www.forumotion.com for me. I'd work on it some time when I had a forum on my own, and its features are quite easy to access.

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