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help with scaffolding on the tutorial

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[eluser]adrian westlake[/eluser]

I am new to CI, and just ran through the third tutorial (the AJAX function search) and downloaded the code. I thought I\'d try the scaffolding functionality, so amended the routes.php file, and the application.php file. When the page loads up, there is a warning message at the top.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given

Filename: helpers/url_helper.php

Line Number: 93

Anyone know the problem here?

In the routes.php file i added the line:

$route[\'scaffolding_trigger\'] = \"g6sHjjUUSF7shbH\";

In the constructor of the application.php file I put:


and to access the scaffolding I typed the url localhost/ci_sample/application/g6sHjjUUSF7shbH

I commented out the other code in the constuctor just in case that was interfering, but no luck...

Any help most gratefully received,


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I checked out the error and found the code in the tutorial is out of synch with the current scaffolding implementation.

The problem\'s in the version of url_helper included with the tutorial. The scaffolding views are calling its \"anchor\" function with an array as the first parameter, but the older version expected a string. The current implementation checks \"is_array\" for the $uri argument and can thus support an array argument (view anchor() in a current version of url_helper.php to confirm this).

So you could possibly drop a newer version of url_helper into the helpers folder for the tutorial app to fix the problem, but I didn\'t try this to verify no further errors crop up.

Good luck.

BTW I\'m very impressed with this framework after evaluating so, so many others!

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