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When did you get into Codeigniter?

I'm a relatively new convert. Only in the last year to 18 months.

My work in the past has been mainly using Drupal and a bit or WordPress and Joomla. While Drupal serves most of my needs, I've been increasingly frustrated by the bloat. Most projects take up at 50-100meg and use a more system resources than I'd like. Page sizes have been another issue for me. Large multiple CSS files in particular have been a bugbear for me. I can't find any useful way to trim them down. I wanted lean.

I experimented with some Ruby apps like LocomotiveCMS which I quite liked. I like the speed, especailly when combine with a nosql databse like Mongodb, but deploying it to shared host is a pain.

I went back to PHP & tried Symfony, Laravel & CodeIngiter. Symfony seamed large for what I wanted. I know all the "cool kids" seem to be using Laravel but I found it a bit fussy to set up.

CodeIgniter feels like home to me. I like its small footprint. It seems to run on minimal resources. It is easy to set up. A simple download,  set up a database & edit the config files. It is a breeze to deploy to a shared host. I can do pretty much what I like with it.

I've got a couple of projects I'm using it for. I'm converting a Drupal site to CodeIgniter. The CI version is lean and fast. I'm also woking on a history project for a local history group on World War One. I've set up the MVC. It displays the data nicely. My next job is to write the back end Smile

Hi i am Decoder and started with CI in 2013.
I learned php back in 2008 and started coding with torrent site's but the code is mostly legacy-code and spaggettie-code.

So in that time i liked working and learning but them it started to anoy me that this code was so bad and i really dident like it anymore.

Those torrent scripts where also made using php 4 and ad that time php 4 was getting old, so i started looking for something new end started to learn real programming watching youtube video's and reading blogpost's.

Then i started to understand the MVC principle and wanted to put it to the test.
Thinking you know how it works and really doing it are different things, so i looked ad several php frameworks like ZEND, CakePhp and Codeigniter.

For me Codeigniter was the most simpel framework and i emediatly adopted the workflow ci offers.

The test for me was to code my project with is here Moto-Control.

This is my first project i coded using a MVC framework and using Codeigniter version 2.2 with twitter bootstrap 2.2.

take a look, login credentials are:

Email: [email protected]
Password: password

Greeting Decoder

PS: i am really happy CI got a new home....so now it was time for me to step out of my lurking mode and get active again Smile

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