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NOT another how can I call a controller from a controller thread!

Heya guys

My situation

I have a bunch of routes defined to make my Url pretty/simple.
I have a dynamic navigation building library to generate all my navigation (from SQL).

I want to dynamically add/use/write routes.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I delv into CI and destroy it haha?

I would like to be able to store the plain URI's in the menu record (in sql) as you would normally do with URI routing ie /admin/user/something/else/etc and then some way to parse that myself and apply it to..whatever it does there.. to call the controller?

Maybe extending the way CI does it and reading in my menu object etc

Ideas appreciated

Thank you

You can store you're dynamic routes in a serialised array in a file, and you can include it and unserialise it in your routes.php file.

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