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Jquery, Jquery UI Tabs, CI Template Question

Hey guys, I am having some issues with running jquery UI tabs with codeigniter running with code igniter template.

I have my template setup pulling in all the javascript files that i need and have already checked if there actually being pulled in. The code I pulled from the demo content you obtain when you download jquery ui + tabs. It runs when its not in CI but the momemnt i put it in Jquery it stops running... I believe it could be because Im running the template library and have this running?

$this->template->parse_view('content', 'frontend/cart/product/product_view', $data);

Let me know if you have the same issue or if you have a solution to this please!

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
You're talking client-side and server-side, so just make sure CI provides the correct front end code. Nothing prevents you from this.

Ok, I actually had it working all along my dummy self already had the tabs setup without any content and so the extra tabs i was pulling in weren't being displayed.... gah! Thanks for the speedy reply though colin

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