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Two Applications -- Shared Config, Helpers ...

That doesn't change the fact that the question changed
Anyway, this is going off topic

wiredesignz, are you having a bad week or something?

I've spotted quite a few posts from you that are just pure arrogance. Dam1an didn't mention HMVC, so how could he have possibly commented otherwise? You can't refer to people as dummies just because they don't know something that you do, that's just totally disrespectful.

What I see is you and others offering opinion about subjects of which you are clueless. Please stop.

I'm actually using the HMVC pattern, well, at least the one written here:

The solution you first gave me, resulted actually in _three_ identical config.php dirs. The solution I see appropriate I one where all configs are stored in ONE directory. And if there is any need of changing it individually per application (e.g. "index_page"), I just do so by adding a "config.php" in that application, with ONLY $config['index_page'] = 'something';
... and not the whole shebang.

Please, stop arguing.

You can relocate the "modules" directory to any directory that you choose. Modules can be common to many applications.

You may specify the location in the MY_Router.php file in Modular Extensions.

What about the configuration files then? The modules are actually pretty unique per application, so the only thing I need mutual is what is inside /config/.

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